That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month
That Time of The Month

That Time of The Month

2 Month Pack | 40 Gummies

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That Time of The Month Gummies can make you fall in love with ‘those days when there is no PMS hitting you with no muscle pain and cramps. These chewable period pain gummies may sound like a dream but you won’t have to snuggle inside that warm blanket, no more hot water bottle to relieve those aching pain cramps, no time to call in sick, binge watch movies for distraction, or cancel plans by just this chew and swallow magic. They are delicious and give you a dip in strawberry flavor.

Backed by science, lab-tested, totally safe to consume, and conceptualized in the USA, with all the magical ingredients letting you pin down the period stigma like never before because you deserve to be happy, carefree, confident, and always going. To the ladies out there, these gummies are just for every female who suffers from PMS syndrome before or after their monthly menstrual cycle, emotional disturbance, mood swings, and goes through painful cramps and muscle pains.

Recommended for all women as menstrual health is one of the most adversely affected with a careless lifestyle attitude amidst hectic schedules. Life is not that unfair, these gummies are here just to let you be in your best mood ever - 365 days a year!

  • VEGAN &

  • Gelatine &
    Gluten Free



  • Tasty &


Proven Results

  • Prevents pain
    & cramps

  • Reduces PMS

  • Improves Reproductive

  • Omits anxiety
    and Irritability

  • Induces restful

  • Decreases hormonal

How to use

2 Gummies a day - 3 days before the due date of the menstrual cycle, 4 days during the cycle, and after 3 days of the cycle for finding yourself just carefree and happy hitting the streets of the town in your own ways!

No Pain is the Only Game
Vitamin C

Prevents iron deficiency and repairs body tissues.


Reduces a broad range of PMS symptoms and mood swings.

Magnesium Sulphate

Relieves anxiety, insomnia and mood swings.

Chasteberry Extract

Regulates hormone production and reduces painful PMS cramps, acne.



  • What 'That time of the Month' Gummies solve for?
  • The "That Time Of The Month" are here to pin down your period pain.

    Chewable gummies that make you experience smooth chums every month!

    No Pain Rush : Takes your breath away with the scrumptious strawberry flavor making you blush with happiness and no pain rush.

    Not A Cry Baby Anymore : Satisfies your cravings and you're no more dancing to the tunes of mood swings, irritability and muscular pain.

    No to PMS Symptoms : These pink gummies bring you the pink of menstrual health with no more PMS symptoms ever before, during or after periods.

    Confident and happy periods every month!

  • How are the ingredients effective in making the periods game easier?

    Our "That Time Of The Month" gummies are scientifically-backed with powerful ingredients that make you stand ahead with confidence and zero pain.

    Vitamin C: Prevents iron deficiency and repairs body tissues.
    Vitamin B6: Reduces a broad range of PMS symptoms and mood swings.
    Magnesium Sulphate: Relieves anxiety, insomnia and mood swings.
    Passion Flower Extract : Eases anxiety, regulate body temperature, relax muscles
    Citrus Bioflavonoids : Alleviates stress, improve digestion and reduce bloating
    Milk Thistle Extract : Reduce hormonal or PMS-related acne.
    Chasteberry Extract : Regulates hormone production, reduces painful PMS related cramps.

    Let no one tell you about your periods, period.

  • Are these gummies suitable for women suffering with PCOS or PCOD?
  • Relax, we are backed by science!

    Our period pain gummies are recommended for all menstruating women who are all set to grow through their period.

    Definitely, helpful for women with PCOS and PCOD issues. However, we recommend a doctor consultation if you are suffering from either of these or any other medical condition.

    Yet a pro tip for PCOS & PCOD patients from our end is to cut down sugar, red meat, dairy products and gluten.

  • Are they safe to consume?
  • Yes, totally!
    Just like our other gummies, Period pain gummies too are 100% safe and clinically tested for every woman who goes through a lot of pain during and after their periods.

    Sometimes, before the cycle too!

    Our ingredients are solely vegan and rich in nutrients effectively working to eliminate all your symptoms be it mood swings, depression, fatigue, cravings, cramps, headache, etc.

  • Who all can consume it?
  • Swing with easy flow every month, and say bye-bye to those pesky period problems!

    Curated to encourage all the women aged between 18-45 years old to take care of their menstrual and hormonal health that affects their days every month, does not let them be carefree or happy.

  • Will it affect my hormonal health in the long run?
  • Yes, this pink is to make your hormone happy in a positive way!
    These gummies regulate hormone production which might help you have regular periods.
    Merrier fact, they help you fight all the period blues you have been facing for a long time.

  • What is PMS Syndrome and common symptoms?
  • Any woman may go through a majority of symptoms before, during or post their menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalances.

    The few common symptoms are mood swings, cramps, emotional breakdown, anxiety, fatigue and much more.

    However, these period pain gummies are your forever ally!

  • How these gummies let you celebrate menstrual health with soulful benefits?

    Normalises the Menstrual Cycle : Alleviates pain, reduces cramps and eases body temperature

    Reduces PMS symptoms : Headaches, breast pain and tenderness, mood swings, hormonal acne and bloating

    Anti-anxiety and Anti-depressant Effect : Taking away all nausea, irritability along with boosting reproductive health.

    Restful Sleep : Enhances Estrogen Dominance induces restful sleep and also improves constipation with no muscular pain.

  • What is the complete ingredients in these Period Pain Gummies?
  • ."Every day of period women lose 1 mg of iron."

    The period pain gummies are loaded with nutrients that not help meet your deficiencies but also deal with the irritated and depressed version of you during periods! Our gummies have the right dose of what it takes to build the pain free period shield

    ● Vitamin C: Repairs body tissues and prevents iron deficiency
    ● Vitamin B6: Control mood swings.
    ● Magnesium Sulphate: Deal with anxiety & insomnia.
    ● Passion Flower Extract: Regulates body temperature and relax muscles.
    ● Citrus Bioflavonoids: Eliminates stress, improve digestion and reduce bloating.
    ● Milk Thistle Extract: Reduce hormonal or PMS-related acne.
    ● Chasteberry Extract: Regulates hormone production and reduces painful PMS related cramps.

    Also, our gummies are vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and contain no added sugar.

  • What is the directions of use?
  • It's simple!

    2 Gummies a day every month
    ~ 3 days before your menstrual cycle
    ~ 4 days during your menstrual cycle
    ~ 3 days after your menstrual cycle.

    If required, continue the dosage for 2-3 days more. Consult doctor if pain persists.

  • Does Period Pain Gummies help with irregular periods?
  • As per expert advice, the occurrence of periods is directly proportional to your lifestyle and hormonal health as well. However, the chasteberry extract in these gummies helo to regulate hormone production, reproductive health and with irregular periods as well.

    Expert Fact: Conditions like menstruation and menopause are times when nutritional demands increase and the deficiency leads to hormonal imbalance and ultimately irregular periods.

    Please consult your doctor if you have irregular periods too frequently or in case of prolonged delay for more than 90 days.

  • Can we take all the different gummies for hair, weight and period pain together?
  • Surely, one can take these gummies together in a single day as these compositions are formulated for helping people with different nutritional issues and in accordance with prescribed RDA% per ingredient making it all safe.

    In case of any issues faced, we suggest to discontinue the use and consult a doctor.

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